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Timothy Ferriss, #1 NY Times bestseller, The 4-Hour Workweek

"Shawn Phillips is the epitome of form following function. There is no need to suffer through exercise when you hack away the inessentials and focus on what really matters: strength."

Jeff Moore , CEO Pacific Seafoods, Founder Thursday Boardroom

“This conversation is a life changer. As a program, it is on par with James Allen's "As a Man Thinketh" but it is much, MUCH more.”  

Ken Wilber, World Renowned Philosopher, Author The Integral Vision

"Strength for Life is a truly superb handbook of physical transformation, leading to a real life transformation. A novel and tremendously effective techniques and is highly recommended!"

Doug Kalman, PhD. Miami Research & Performance for Elite Athletes

This program/book is well-timed and fits for any MAN who is entering his 40's and wants to live to the utmost of life versus chasing his tail for a decade. Read this book, you will thank all of us who have had a positive experience with it.

Ed Kowalczyk, Lead Singer/Frontman/Songwriter, LIVE

“If your body could lightly slap your face, look you in the eye and pour its heart out to you, I believe it would say something like, ‘Come on! I'm not just dangling here below your mind, I can help you more than you know. I want to be your Strength, your fortress and temple!’ Start construction now A strong body is truly a magical and mystical place to live.”

Daniel G. Amen, MD, Director Amen Clinics, author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

"Strength for Life is an important book, combining nutrition, fitness and mental fitness in a powerful combination to give readers lasting mental and physical results, that not only sculpt the body but also the brain. It is filled with helpful information. I highly recommend it."

Nathaniel Branden, Ph.D, author of "The Six Pillars of Self-esteem" & "The Art of Living Consciously."

"This exciting and inspiring book is a brilliant integration of body, mind, and spirit—and of strength and psychological and well-being. I personally found it instantly energizing.

Tim Larkin,  Self Defense Expert/Trainer, US Navy SEAL Retired, Creator of Target-Focus Training

“Where most programs are limited to focusing on aesthetics—looks—in you will build strength at the core, for true and lasting transformation. As an expert in self-defense and former Navy SEAL Strength for Life is the only fitness guide that I’ve found that will show you how to access your true and full strength”

Rick Rubin, Co-founder Def Jam Records, Grammy Award Winning Producer

"Shawn bridges the worlds of strength training and spiritual practice. He offers a new paradigm for weight lifting as yogic practice. The thinking mans version of pumping iron."
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